2013- what a year!

2013 has been an awesome year for us at SheCan. A year of personal achievements – running our first (and second) half marathons, significant weight loss and of course setting up SheCan itself. As our second round of courses come to a close, we’re looking back over the last few months with pride…a whole new group (what is the collective noun for a group of SheCanners?) of ladies who have found that going for a run a few times a week rocks.

We started at the end of September with 20-odd ladies, most of whom had never run before. Certainly most of them doubted that they’d be able to run a mile after 8 weeks, let alone 3. But that mile was smashed by the end of the second week and by week 8 they were ready to take on those 3 miles and own them!

We soon realised that our lovely ladies couldn’t just be set free in to the night to run alone, we wanted to show them that they were capable of so much more than the odd 5k….so we run a 5-10k bridge and a nail it 5k course. Both were a huge success with pbs being smashed and longer distances being covered.

At some point throughout those courses we begun to see changes. Physical changes- slimmer waists, more toned thighs and of course a steady stream of new running gear (see, told you it was addictive…) and probably more noticeable were the changes from with in. The feelings of apprehension at the start of the course very quickly begun to give way to an air of solidarity, camaraderie and confidence. It was sometime towards the end of the beginners course that we realised our ladies were not only looking forward to our sessions but were looking for new challenges and arranging to meet other SheCanners for social runs at the weekends. Our courses were providing everything we’d hoped for and more. Ultimate job satisfaction for us, we’re spreading the running love and it feels good to see others increase in self confidence and self worth because of it.

We’re looking forward to everything that 2014 has in store for us, lots of new SheCan projects which we’re keen to share with old and new SheCanners alike. Our little SheCan family is set to expand and we couldn’t be more excited but our success is down to the wonderful ladies who turn up regardless of the weather, to share that little bit of magic called running. Thank you.

We wish all of our SheCan family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Can’t wait to see what running gear old F.C has brought you!

Kate and Em x

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