Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, working out the fine details can be enough to make you feel confident to take the first steps. We’re always happy to answer your questions. Contact us if you’ve got a question not answered here.

Where and when are the sessions?

We meet in Kettering (locations may vary). You’ll see us – we’re usually in very bright lycra! We meet on a Monday and Wednesday. Times vary depending on the season but we always meet for a prompt start and the sessions will last around 1 hour.

What should I wear?

Something comfortable that isn’t denim. Leggings, tracksuit bottoms, running tights, loose fitted t-shirt, running t-shirt (technical t-shirt) are all fine. Most important are well fitted trainers and a good support bra. You will need a hi-viz vest or belt…something that is reflective as well as bright.

About trainers…what sort is best?

To start with, any trainers are fine as long as you can wear them for 30 minutes with out getting blisters. It’s important to get well fitted running trainers that are suited to the type of terrain you’ll be running on as soon as you decide that running is going to be a long term thing though. A good running shop will offer free gait analysis and a wide range of running shoes. We can recommend some local shops that we’ve used if you’d like.

But what if I don’t own trainers yet?

You’ve probably got 2 options; go straight to a good running shop get fitted for some trainers, safe in the knowledge they’ll be doing everything possible to keep you from getting blisters or injury. Expect to pay around £100.

Or get a ‘tide me over’ pair which could cost £30+ but may not have sufficient support or cushioning, cause blisters or sore patches under foot. A good pair of running socks (look for anti blister styles) may help (£12+) and will definitely be of benefit even when you’ve got well fitted trainers.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to do this but from personal experience the SheCan ladies urge you to get well fitted trainers as soon as possible. It changes your whole running experience!

What should I bring to the sessions?

Come ready to run as we’ll set off as quickly as we can. You may want to layer up, particularly as the weather drops. It doesn’t take long to build a sweat up, so don’t worry if you’re a bit cold to start with. Bring a nice warm jumper or coat for after though because once you start to cool down you will get cold very quickly. Bring at least 1 bottle of water- either to run with or leave it in your car for afterwards. A banana for straight after is a good idea too. You may also want to bring a phone so you can track you run- there are many apps that do this and it’s always nice to have a record of your achievement logged. Make sure you’ve got somewhere secure to stash it while you run though- an arm band, running belt or zip-able pocket is best.

What should I do with my keys while I run?

We ask that you are responsible for your personal possessions while out with us. Please ensure you have a zip-able pocket to keep belongings safely on you while you are out.

It’s chucking it down outside, do I have to go out in this?

We’ll be out in most weathers, so unless you get a call from us, we’ll be looking forward to seeing you. (Honestly, it’s really not that bad once you get going).

I want to start a beginners course but have a holiday in the middle. Shall I still sign up?

We ask that you commit to attending the full 8 weeks to ensure that each session is achievable for you. The course is set so that you make quite swift progress towards completing 5k and missing any meetings may make it difficult for you to complete the subsequent sessions. This can put you at risk of injury, as well as making it pretty miserable as you over exert yourself. 

What happens if I injure myself or I miss more than 1 session?

We will automatically move your registration on to the next available course.

I’ve never run before, how do I know it’s for me?

We ask that you can walk 2 miles in 30 minutes or less. As this is an important benchmark, please go out and give it a go before signing up. Although our sessions are aimed at people who have never run before, a base level of fitness is required to prevent injury and to ensure you get as much from the sessions as possible.

I’ve got some health problems, can I still join in?

We ask that if you’re in any doubt about your suitability for the course, that you speak with your GP first. We will ask you to complete a health questionnaire upon registering and to sign to say you’ve got the OK from you GP. If your Doctor needs more information, please let us know.

So what happens in a typical beginner session?

We’ll meet at one of the regular locations in Kettering carry out a warm up on site. Then we’ll head out on one of the pre-planned routes. The session will be a mix of walk/run blocks, gradually increasing the time spent jogging and reducing the times spent walking. However if you feel at any point that you need to walk, that is fine. Then we’ll come back to the car park, stretch and cool down.

Why do we have to meet twice a week?

Ideally, beginners need to complete 3 sessions a week to enable you to make the progress up to 5k with in 8 weeks. We’ve planned the sessions so that you can put a session in at a time to suit you at the weekend. The other 2 sessions will be group led, to ensure that you’re completing the course safely and most importantly enjoying the company that group running offers. We hope the sessions will be as much about the camaraderie and socialising as about getting out for regular exercise.

Our Run for Fitness group also meets twice a week. The structure of these sessions changes termly but broadly speaking, missing one or two sessions will not be too problematic. We do ask that you text us to let us know if you’re not able to attend, just so we can start the session promptly.

Got another question not covered here? Want to sign up for a taster or a beginner session? Send me an email, I’d love to help!