Happy New Year!

New Years Day. The start of ‘it’. The beginning of a big change. The point where we start to make our dreams come true.

This time last year I did the usual ‘I want to lose weight’ and ‘I want to get fit’ and ‘I want to find a job I love’.
I really honestly never believed that 2013 would be any different to any other year. I really only half halfheartedly made those resolutions, knowing deep down that I wasn’t strong enough or good enough.
But something was different. Something happened in 2013 and changed my world. I lost 3 stone. I got fitter. I found a job I love. It all happened to me! Little old me who suffers with chronic anxiety and low self esteem. 
I’ve taken some time over Christmas to wonder why it worked this time when other times it failed. Running was the key theme in all of those resolutions but I don’t think it was completely down to the running that I succeeded. I succeeded because I had a group of people around me, sharing a similar journey. We picked each other up when we needed it, we celebrated our milestones, however small and above all else we carried on because with each step we knew we were getting stronger and supporting each other.
Shecan girls ready to race on New Year Eve.
 Support is everything.
Before now I’ve totally under estimated the importance of support. Support comes from different people in different ways. My husband holds the fort at home while I run, he’s my sounding board when I’m worried about new niggles. He runs me a hot bath when I’ve been on a long run. My family support me from the side lines, remarking at how toned I look or how full of vitality I am. My friends are there with me, pounding the streets or sharing a coffee after an epic race. Each has their place, each complete the circle that keeps me going.
Looking ahead to 2014 I know I need some things to aim for. Goals keep me focused, they give me a reason to get started in the first place. This year I’m setting a few – equal my previous 10k pb (I’ve slowed down a bit since the summer!) lose the Christmas wobble plus the last 4lb, equal or better my Half Marathon pb and to run London Marathon and Edinburgh Marathon without breaking my body. 
I’m fast becoming a firm believer in everything being attainable if you’re focused and supported. Ok, so you may need to make some compromises- it may take you longer than you first thought or you may need to approach things in a different way but if you really want it, you can get it. I promise. 
So what have you got in mind for 2014?

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