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‘Think you can’t run? Think again!  SheCan… shows you how to do it with a smile on your face. Led by the fabulous Emily and Kate, you learn that slow or fast – you’re moving, that’s all that matters.  Encouraged all the way, the SheCan... ladies show you that you don’t have to be a gym bunny to be fit and healthy.’ ∼ Jennifer

‘SheCan…Run has given me not only the technical support to go from non-runner to runner but also the emotional support of a welcoming and caring group. I have made friends for life. SheCan has made a positive change to my life’ ∼ Lauren

I started running with the She Can group in January 2014. Before joining I ran once a week and entered the occasional race. Now I run least 3 times a week and have took part in a lot more races and the support you receive through She Can is fantastic. It is a great group of ladies who encourage and help one another to achieve some amazing running goals. We all have individual goals which we work towards together and we all celebrate each other’s achievements. Since I have joined I have managed to get faster and in July this year I managed to complete my first 10k in under one hour. Currently a lot of us are in training to complete half marathons. Aside from the running I have also made some wonderful new friends through the group and we all support each other. I am very proud to be part of the She Can running group and would like to especially thank Kate and Emily for all they do to help, advise and support us. ∼ Natalie

‘I joined SheCan…Run in January 2014 thinking it would be my New Year challenge to run 5k and then I’d tick that off the bucket list and move on, after all I was of ‘mature years’ and no way could running be long term for me, I’m just not built for it. What I hadn’t bargained for was still being there 9 months, and a whole new wardrobe of bright running gear, later! I’ve now done lots of 5k runs, competitively and with the group, and even got dragged along on my first 10k run, having offered to leave the group rather than hold everybody up but was greeted with ‘You can do it and we’ll make sure you do’ and with that sort of faith in me it had to be repaid. And I did it! How amazing did I feel afterwards? It was the most euphoric feeling ever and I felt epic – a word bandied about within the group regularly because that is what Emily and Kate, the amazingly patient and encouraging SheCan leaders make us feel. And now not only have I repeated my first 10k completing a race I’m now looking for my next one! If you’re sitting at home thinking it’s not for me, it’s not for me either but I’m doing it and loving it! And if I can, you can! ‘∼ Ann

‘She Can…Run what can I say??? When I went to the first run of the beginners course on that cold September night, I was 4.5 stone heavier suffering from depression and knew I needed to do something not sure if this was it after all you don’t see many over weight runners pounding the streets! Over the next 8 weeks after a lot of moaning of “I couldn’t do it” with Emily and Kate’s support and advice I achieved not just running 5k but my confidence grew to actually believing I could do it and more.With every small achievement of running a little further my confidence grew not just about my running ability but in every part of my life. I got through my depression and out the other side with a positive attitude. I’ve learned running is not just good for your health but your whole mental well being too. Now I year on about to run my first half marathon something I never dared to believe I could to. Also gained many  new friends who have learned to love running to.Then there’s the shopping!!!! No girly heels for me anymore always looking out for new running tights and trainers now lol. Kate and Emily are 2 very special ladies who love to run and have fun, they are are supportive, encouraging, and fun to be around and there love for running and trainers is contagious. ∼ Tracey

A year ago I couldn’t run for 2 minutes and next week I am running in the Great North Run!!! Joining She Can Running group has helped me stay committed, motivated (especially in winter and on rainy days) and reap the benefits of running in a group.  We chat all the way whilst running (honestly, I wouldn’t believe it either that I could talk and run… But you can),I’ve  met some great people, had a laugh and became fitter all at the same time’. ∼ Sam

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