The SheCan girls go on a day trip!

What a wonderful day for a day trip! Just as well really as the SheCan girls got up at the crack of dawn (at least it was cool then!) to head up to Leeds and take part in the Jane Tomlinson 10k race there today. We try to do a race every month or so as it keeps our training focussed. But actually it’s a really lovely day out no matter where we go and is fast becoming as much about the socialising and coffee after as it is about the training!

So after setting off at the crack of dawn, we got up to Leeds with enough time to park, power walk to find a loo (Kate ALWAYS needs a wee…) and a pre-run banana before finding Millennium Square ahead of the group warm up. As far as race organisation goes, this one was fabulous. Plenty of room to mill about, lots of loos and no waiting at the baggage drop. They even had the Sweatshop there selling off bargainous trainers (I think our Husbands were pleased that there were none suitable…this time! New trainers are the new New shoes for us both). So a really upbeat and easy to follow group warm up was next then we headed to the start line (oh not before another quick loo stop).

There was some waiting at the start but at least it was lovely and warm. At one point we thought the Mexican wave that was started had faded out before it got to us. Turns out we were just so far back in the 7002 strong crowd that it took a few minutes to get to us! There were people as far as the eye could see in front of us and behind of us -it’s one of the bigger events that we’ve both been to and the atmosphere was fantastic.

The run itself was flat and fast and really not too hot for the first half. An out and back course with water and sponges on both sides of the road, it was real ‘Personal Best’ territory. Running along with Banana Man, Bat Man and Robin and a 12 man caterpillar helped keep us strong as the sun came up fully and the temperature rose. There was a little hill at 9k but as we reached the top and turned the corner the 200m to go sign was with in sight and that made a strong finish more easy. Kate finished in 56.19 (just short of a PB) and Emily finished in 1 hour 3 minutes and 19 seconds – knocking 3 minutes off her PB!

The goody bags had a lovely light technical t-shirt and a medal, to get both is a bonus!

Next race stop is our Half Marathon next month but after finishing strongly today I think we’re both feeling more prepared for that than we were. Bring it on!

What’s your next challenge going to be?

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