Time flies when you’re having fun

Wow! Just over 12 months ago, Emily had this mad idea that a little running group might be something fun to do. She’d found a course she could do and she was quite fired up. I’m quite easily led, so it didn’t take much for me to jump on the band wagon. At some point in the late spring of 2013, we decided we had very little to lose and the idea behind SheCan…Run was born.

You don’t have to be daft to run with us….

We spent the summer excitedly getting ready for our first group- a training course for us, first aid sessions, DBS checks, advertising and planning meetings…as we talked, the ideas snowballed. Running made us happier people, turns out the idea of introducing running to others made us incredibly excitable too.

SheCan… has grown rapidly over the last 12 months with our merry band of ladies turning up twice a week, come rain or shine. I know that for both me and Em, SheCan… has never been a job, it’s always been a group we go to, a group of ladies who have become our friends. We’re a wonderful mix of young and not quite so young, fast and not quite fast, talkative, reflective, mischievous and dead pan. But without fail, every single one of our merry band of SheCanners is welcoming and supportive. And sometimes, when getting out of the house after a full day at work feels impossible, when you’re dead on your feet or feeling beaten down by life,  they’re just what you need to make you realise that you’re strong enough to achieve anything.

….but we can’t guarantee it won’t rub off on you

So what is ahead in the next 12 months? Well! We have some exciting things planned! First up is a shiny new website and a fabulous online shop which will showcase our wonderful kit, hand picked for it’s quirkiness as well as keeping you up to date on what is happening at SheCan…HQ.  We’ll also be developing our affiliated running club- SheCan…Run Kettering Ladies and spreading the word far and wide for that. We’ve got more courses planned, team events to attend and a few surprises up our sleeve.

Funky tights are ‘wear’ it’s at! (Blue lightening, Spots, Super Hero, Tiger, Pink Lightening and Solar)

So if you haven’t already, why don’t you sign up for a course? Our next beginners course is starting on September 15th and has one or two spaces left. There is a free taster session on 10th September so you can try before you buy! We also run sessions twice a week for ladies who can already run 5k. Email us if you’d like more details . Where will you be this time next year? We’re a little bit barmy, I think you’d fit right in 🙂

(While you’re waiting for our website to launch, why not come for a natter with us on Facebook? https://www.facebook.com/groups/SheCanChat)

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