What a week!

We’ve had a cracker here at SheCan HQ. Our very first beginner course came to an end this week and with that the milestone our 20 ladies have been working towards-completing 5k.  It was emotional for us; we always knew the course would work and that the end goal would be a 5k run but what we hadn’t really accounted for was the camaraderie, support, friendship and a mutual love of new trainers that would also develop over the 8 weeks. We heard a lot of ‘oh no, I don’t think I’ll manage 5k non stop…I’m not a runner’ right up until the finish line of that 5k route….and then we saw the biggest smiles and lots of ‘oh God I never thought I’d manage that but I did it!’ You bet you did it! We feel so proud, a bit like watching our babies find their wings and fly from the nest for the first time! And like the baby birds, it’s on wards and upwards for our new runners- our next courses start on Monday with new challenges ahead.

Then on Sunday, Kate and Emily got up early again (that is the one thing about running, you do end up agreeing to stupidly early starts for various reasons that seem very logical at the time of agreement but feel like the most stupid idea when it’s dark and cold outside;) to take part in the Mo run in Milton Keynes. Around a 1000 people sporting a wide variety of ‘mo’s’ milling about Campbell Park on a chilly Sunday morning…THIS is why we run…because here we feel that our madness is embraced and it feels good to be surrounded by other mad people. There were people there of all shapes and sizes, with their mo of choice being the main topic of conversation. Even when a mo isn’t involved, just being around people who get the thrill of a hilly run on a chilly day or the reason why we go out in the rain to pound the streets is enough to make you feel at ease.

I hope our new runners bite the bullet and take on some races in the near future. They are such a great way to build confidence and it’s a great motivator to have a race in mind. It’s also nice to be able to talk about your fab trainers or new swit swoo tights to someone in the loo queue and not get odd looks! And there is nothing as good as getting a medal for your efforts.


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